The ideal basis for a new ultra-sports compact, the new Peugeot 308 will unfortunately not be able to compete with the Renault Megane RS.

Peugeot has just unveiled its all-new 308, displaying a more assertive style than the old version and featuring ultra-modern technology. This new 308 seems perfectly calibrated to experience a nice commercial success, thus taking up the torch of the other novelties which are currently achieving excellent sales scores at Peugeot.

On the other hand, sports enthusiasts are disappointed. Not only will Peugeot not prepare a GTI version of its new compact family car, but according to Peugeot product director Jérome Micheron to our English colleagues at Top Gear, there will also be no PSE sports hybrid version.

The GTI of your dreams?

Kleber Silva, he has imagined a virtual GTI version of this new Peugeot 308. With a four-cylinder turbo engine of more than 300 horsepower and a tuning signed by the Peugeot Sport department, there would undoubtedly have been something to seriously worry about a Renault Megane RS or a Honda Civic Type R. Too bad, so …