The all-new Hummer EV is still in development, but GMC likes to give us that news every now and then. Exactly, here he is doing a few slides on the snow.

The GMC Hummer EV, the rebirth of an iconic SUV, but also synonymous with a revolution, is one of the flagship vehicles of General Motors’ transition to 100% electric. Indeed, by 2035 GM plans to abandon thermal engines in favor of the electricity fairy. The Hummer made an appearance during the Super Bowl 2021 and for Shrove Tuesday, he offered his audience some donuts… in the snow!

As you will have understood, these are not edible products, but rather a session of sliding on the snow. GMC has just posted on Facebook a short video of the 100% electric pickup slipping on an empty parking lot covered in freshly fallen snow. There isn’t much in this short teaser other than a few words: “Taste one of our powdered donuts”. What’s interesting is that the SUV in this video appears to be a test vehicle, at least judging from its slightly camouflaged body panels. This tells us that its development is not yet 100% complete.

Electric, but fun?

Even if the Hummer EV does not hide a sulphurous American V8 under its hood, it is nonetheless fun. The proof, he has the possibility of sliding the back without too much difficulty! Well, we’ll have to find a parking lot with enough space and snow to have fun, but still! The new Hummer EV should have a lot of power to move smoothly in various conditions, while ensuring the safety of its occupants … but still fun to drive.

The Hummer EV is expected to ship to first customers this fall, when the Edition 1 model hits the market for $ 112,595. It’s a steep price, but don’t forget that it should come with a few cool gadgets like the “CrabWalk”, “Infinity Roof”, or the Watts to Freedom and Super Cruise driving modes. The base model will not arrive until spring 2024 with a call price of $ 79,995.