In its launch version “La Première”, the all-new DS 4 costs more than competitors from Mercedes or Audi. Is it normal to see the French manufacturer positioned above the Germans?

DS Automobile has just unveiled the DS 4, the “premium” cousin of the last Peugeot 308 and designated rival of the Audi A3, Mercedes Class A and other BMW 1 Series. This new DS 4 will begin marketing at the end of the year, after a very high-end “La Première” launch series.

The DS 4 La Première costs € 47,100 in the Puretech 180 version (equipped with a 180 horsepower petrol engine and an automatic gearbox), or € 51,500 in the E-Tense 225 version (equipped with a plug-in hybrid unit of 225 horses). Yes, that represents a lot of money for a compact family car, even a premium one. To compare, a Mercedes Classe A 250 4 Matic AMG Line (224 horses, automatic gearbox and all-wheel drive) is negotiated from € 46,649. The 306 horsepower A35 AMG version starts at € 51,549. At Audi, the A3 35 TSFI (150 hp) starts at € 38,000 in the Luxury Design version. Even if you check all the possible equipment, it will be difficult to exceed the 52,000 €. The 310 horsepower S3 costs € 55,900. A 245 horsepower Golf GTI starts at € 43,210 and a BMW 128ti (265 horsepower) at € 46,550.

A justified addition?

So, is it normal to see the Frenchwoman above her premium German rivals when it comes to price? Let’s not forget that the DS 4 has arguments to make. Its interior presentation displays an interesting finish and attention to detail. The La Première version also has a plethora of standard equipment : only the sunroof, night vision and high-end audio system remain optional. To add the same endowment to the Germans with equivalent engine, it will be necessary to draw much more generously from the options book (even at the top of the range). And there, the pricing of the DS 4 will inevitably become more advantageous again. Finally, it should be noted that the range of the new DS 4 will expand from below in a second step: from the end of the year, it will be on sale from € 29,990. Compare this with the € 29,200 for a less powerful entry-level Audi A3 (150 hp), or the € 28,899 for a Mercedes Class A 160 Style Line with only 109 hp …