If the cheapest Bentley vehicle was previously a Bentayga Hybrid (170,000 euros), this is no longer the case. Now it’s this multifunction stroller at “only” 460 euros.

The most affordable way to enter the Bentley family is the Bentayga with its entry level price of 169,320 euros. That was until the British manufacturer unveiled the cheapest vehicle in its catalog. Three wheels, to be precise. Check out the Bentley Trike, which the brand describes as a combination “Elegance and functionality thanks to a highly adaptable design”. It can be painted in the colors of the Bentley color scheme so that you can match your car to your trike. Finally, you have to call a spade a spade, it’s a stroller!

Even the youngest babies, 12 months and older, can enjoy a ride in the greatest of luxuries. As the child grows, the footrests can be adjusted and possibly removed to make room. Even better, this Bentley stroller can be transformed into a real tricycle and will allow your finally to learn to drive a Bentley from the age of a few months. Indeed, the push bar, the back support and the harness can also be removed to give more freedom to the child.

A real Bentley?

Depending on the age of the child, the Bentley Trike can be made into six different shapes. It is equipped with 12 safety devices, making it “By far the most sophisticated stroller-tricycle on the market”. These include a folding awning, rotating seat, non-slip pedals, mudguard, rear brake, five-point seat belt … the complete set!

Priced at £ 395, or around 460 euros at the current exchange rate, the Bentley Trike is also by far the cheapest Bentley you can buy. It is even 330 times more affordable than a Bentayga Hybrid, the entry level among the brand’s motor vehicles. As with your Bentayga, you will need to go to your nearest Bentley dealer to order this stroller-tricycle.