Better than the Range Rover Sport SVR, this is the Range Rover Chieftain. A restomod monument that can develop up to 700 horsepower thanks to a Corvette V8. Who says better ?

Do you like Range Rovers? We understand you. When it comes to luxury SUVs, Land Rover’s top models always have a special charm. At a time when all manufacturers are always launching more SUVs on the market, these Range Rovers are only declining a concept that is nearly fifty years old.

In terms of style, that of the first Range Rovers also always has its small effect. But wait until you see this yellow Chieftain coming out of the workshops of Jensen International Automotive, an English preparer specializing in the restoration of old models.

700 horsepower!

It takes over the chassis and bodywork of the first Range Rover appeared in 1970, but with a very large work on the suspensions and the chassis. The vehicle has a 6.2-liter Corvette V8 driven to 700 horsepower, maximum ground clearance and even Mercedes-AMG G63-style side exhausts. It probably costs way too much, but what is it beautiful …