The mistake to never make with a car with an automatic transmission 4

If you own a car equipped with an automatic transmission, you should never make this mistake with catastrophic consequences.

The automatic transmission is on the way to becoming essential in today’s cars. Ideal when the traffic conditions become bad (for example in traffic jams), the automatic transmission allows a more relaxing drive.

You must not do anything behind the wheel of your car equipped with this technology. When forward gear is engaged, the management of the gearbox generally allows the vehicle to move forward at a slow pace (in ” rampage ») As soon as the driver takes his foot off the accelerator. It is therefore necessary to make sure to always reset the mode ” car park ”Out of the box before leaving the vehicle.

A terrible oversight

The driver of this Toyota Prius has just forgotten to put the parking mode before getting out of her car to grab a ticket at the barrier. As a result, the car continues on its own, breaking down the barrier and then ending up against another car.