The Mclaren 720S SWAE Widebody makes 900 horsepower 4

A prepped supercar that puts out 900 horsepower no longer surprises us, but this McLaren 720S Widebody is a bit special: it was designed by a brand new company in the industry called SWAE.

The Montana wilderness is not a place where you’d expect to find a company modifying hypercars. And yet, tucked away in the Rockies not far from Glacier National Park, is a new trainer called SWAE. The company’s first offer is not the least! Engineers weren’t satisfied with new air intakes and a large rear spoiler for this McLaren 720S. Here is the SWAE 720S Widebody, carbon fiber force-fed and fitted with a slightly modified engine to dramatically increase horsepower.

It’s hard to improve on a car already as capable as the McLaren 720S, but this first creation from the new prep company shows that it is possible. The tuner calls this creation a “Test for creative abilities using 3D printing”. Indeed, as you can imagine 3D printing is part of the process of creating this body kit. Carbon fiber is used but although this is a ‘Widebody’ kit the body additions are relatively subtle.

More aggressive

SWAE doesn’t explain exactly what is different from the classic car, although the front spoiler and air intakes around the front fenders are obvious from the first glance. The flared hips at the rear are also clearly visible, as is the massive spoiler which SWAE says uses the very first 3D printed titanium wing mounts. The specific 10 spoke wheels also add a touch of sportiness to this unique creation. But certainly the most impressive are the improvements to the twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8. SWAE claims over 900 horsepower sent directly to the rear wheels.

This special McLaren was recently unveiled in Miami to showcase the company’s capabilities to build custom vehicles. Presumably that means this car isn’t for sale, but SWAE mentions an estimated price tag of just under $ 500,000 to bring this unique 720S to life.