The maximum speed of a car without a license: models, tests, reviews and videos 4

The cost of a driving license is becoming more and more expensive. When some choose not to simply drive, others opt for cars that do not require authorization. How fast can you drive a car without a license?

How much does a car without a license drive? A car without a license or a cart has the same power as a moped. Therefore, its speed cannot exceed the 45 km / h. Moreover, the speed authorized by law is 40 km / h. Thus, it will be necessary to be satisfied even when driving on a road at 70 or 90 km / h.

Be careful, you must constantly monitor the mirrors to avoid accidents. Above all, it is necessary avoid highways. It is indeed strictly forbidden to take them with a car without a license. A heavy penalty awaits the driver in the event of a control. It is the same if the owner tries to modify the engine. Especially since it can damage the entire system of the car because it will no longer comply with the safety conditions. Insurance companies will therefore refuse to cover it in case of problems.

The conditions to be able to drive a car without a license

In addition to the speed limit of 45 km / h, other conditions must be observed. Must have at least 16 years old to be able to circulate in a cart. Preferably, driver training should be taken. If possible, it is even advisable to take the B1 license to master the rules of the road. Individuals born before 1988 can drive without problem:

• An electric car with a power of 1 kW;
• A light motorized quadricycle requiring an AM license;
• A training vehicle for a sports event in a closed space if they have a sports license;
• Any vehicle, even forestry or agricultural vehicles, the maximum speed of which is limited to 40 km / h.

On the other hand, people born from 1988 must be in possession of a road safety patent corresponding to category AM of the driving license or an equivalent document issued in Europe. Importantly, an insurance contract must be taken out before driving on public roads.

How to obtain an AM and B1 license?

It is relatively easy to get a AM permit. Seven hours may be enough to take theoretical courses and to drive off-road and on public roads. During the training, the basics of unlicensed vehicles, driving techniques, good reflexes and the rules of the road are taught to learners. It should be noted that no final exam is necessary for the AM license. On the other hand, it is necessary to go through a theory test and a practical test to obtain the B1 license. The interest is to determine the learner’s ability not to become a danger to other motorists. Note, these training courses are accessible from the age of 16.

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