Nissan presents a new study which examines the main causes of disputes in cars: the use of the telephone while driving is in the lead!

To promote the Nissan Juke and its equipment to reduce the stress of driving, the Japanese manufacturer carried out a survey of 2,000 European motorists from Germany, Spain, France, Italy and the UK, to find out what made their trips pleasant or stressful.

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The study reveals that the cell phone and driving are the main causes of arguments in a car. For 45% of those surveyed, using the phone or texting while driving comes first, closely followed by dangerous overtaking (39%) or last-minute or sudden braking (35% and 33%).

The Top 5 Causes of Car Disputes, According to the Nissan Study:

  1. Calling / texting while driving (45%)
  2. Carry out a dangerous pass (39%)
  3. Braking at the last minute (35%)
  4. Braking unnecessarily hard or brutally (33%)
  5. Stick the vehicle in front (32%)

To reduce tensions between occupants of a car, Nissan highlights its embedded technologies, such as the use of a navigation system, intelligent cruise control and more generally the advanced driving assistance technologies Nissan ProPilot, the hands-free telephone and smartphone connectivity, or even the vehicle assistance systems. parking.

According to Nissan, music is even the best way to create a good mood during the trip … Unless the choice of a musical genre becomes a new source of disputes?

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