Although the Evija is still only a legend since no customer has yet in its possession, it is already talking about it. Especially its design, since it has just received an award to reward its innovative and trendy lines.

The Lotus Evija has just won an “International Design Award” in the “Product Design of the Year” category. Understand that it is its rather futuristic design, judged in tune with the times that earns it this award. The jury, made up of 5 judges from five different disciplines (architecture, fashion, interior, product and graphic design) awarded the electric supercar the title of “the most sustainable premium car in the world”. It’s hard to translate word for word, but we imagine that it is because her look will not take “a blow of old” right away that she won this award.

The Ejiva has not yet been delivered to its wealthy future customers who ordered it, since its production has been delayed by the coronavirus epidemic. Production was postponed to mid-2021. This is the British brand’s first fully electric car: It has four electric motors which Lotus claims give it a combined power of over 2,000 horsepower and a colossal torque of 1,685 Nm. Thus, it should cut the reference sprint from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 3 seconds and will be able to reach 320 km / h in top speed. Not bad for an electric! As for range, the electric hypercar should be able to travel around 400 km.

A factory on wheels

Made of carbon fiber, the body aims to reduce weight in as many areas as possible. An almost essential factor since the batteries already weigh it down enormously. And everyone knows that this goes against the original philosophy of Colin Chapman who wanted to “simplify, then add lightness”. Curious formulation to say that he actually wanted to remove everything that was superfluous. We know better his famous slogan “Light is right”! And it’s certainly successful in the case of the Evija since if it still weighs 1678 kg, which is a lot compared to the other models of the brand, it would still be the lightest 100% electric hypercar. of the market.

The IDA jury also noted that the Evija “Paves the way for a more sustainable future while embodying exceptional aerodynamic aesthetics”. “Everyone at Lotus is honored to receive this award”says Russell Carr, design director at Lotus. “The Evija is an extremely important car for Lotus. It is inspired by our innovative past and constitutes the ultimate declaration of intent for our ambitious and exciting future ”, he concludes.