Barely two months after its official presentation, the order books for the new DS4 are open. To inaugurate this, the French brand unveils the launch edition named quite logically “La Première”.

The DS4 has been talked about. Barely presented, it had already seduced a good number of customers. No one knows yet how many will jump between the crush and the purchase, but it seems to be off to a good start for the premium tricolor compact. With this very well equipped “La Première” edition, DS sets the bar relatively high, especially in terms of pricing. Yes, it will be necessary to shell out the trifle of 47,100 euros to afford this launch edition. It is not given ! Fortunately, this is the top of the range. A more sober version will be offered at a still high but much more reasonable call rate, below the 30,000 euros mark.

But that’s for the end of the year. Although presented in February, the new DS4 will not arrive in dealerships until the end of 2021. In the meantime, DS must therefore increase the pressure around its new model and present it on its best profile to make motorists want to go and sign an order form. This should be rather successful with the presentation of this version “La Première”.

New DS4 (2021)

Sacred face!

This version of the DS4 is actually based on the Rivoli finish with the Opera interior ambience. This allows it to benefit from a “Criollo Brown” nappa leather upholstery. This leather will also be on the dashboard and door trim as well as on the steering wheel. At more than 47,000 euros, we did not expect less! As for the exterior color, DS offers two choices: lacquered gray or Cristal Pearl, but in both cases, some chrome parts will be painted black.

Grille, window frames and door sill guards … everything will be black. Matter of elegance! “It’s the end of chrome. Back in the days of the DS7 Crossback customers demanded it. Today, this is no longer a criterion for a premium brand ”, specifies Thierry Metroz, style boss at DS Automobile.

New DS4 (2021)

Expensive but well equipped

Being the current top of the range of the French compact, the “La Première” version is full of equipment. In fact, almost all of the options available in the brand’s catalog are standard on this launch edition. Head-up display, Matrix LED lights, camera-driven damping capable of reading the road, 360-degree camera, blind spot detector and semi-autonomous driving functions … there is almost everything! Only the panoramic sunroof, night vision and the Focal audio system are optional.

It remains therefore that to have the privilege of receiving its DS4 in the first, it is necessary to order this version “The First” to more than 47,000 euros. It stings ! For that price, you’ll have the 180-horsepower 1.6-liter PureTech petrol engine under the hood., but if you stretch the check, you can also choose the 225-horsepower version or the plug-in hybrid model.