The gendarmes intercept a strange Renault Talisman RS 4

Whether you drive a Renault Talisman or a Ferrari GT4 Lusso, the gendarmes will confiscate your car in the same way in the event of excessive speeding.

From what speed do you risk the suspension of your driving license and confiscation of your vehicle? With regard to the driving license, an excess equal to or greater than 40 km / h compared to the maximum authorized speed is sufficient. And in the context of excessive speeding (over 50 km / h), the police usually confiscate vehicles (which can result in their resale at auction to the detriment of the owner!).

And the gendarmes are still proud of these arrests. On the account Facebook of the Gendarmerie of SaĆ“ne et Loire, officials welcome the taking of a blue Renault Talisman (131 km / h instead of 80 km / h) and a Ferrari GT4 Lusso (220 km / h instead of 130 km / h). Note that, in the case of the Renault, the car has strange “RS” badges in front of the front door. Probably an addition from its owner, since the Talisman RS does not exist in the brand’s catalog.

And after ?

It remains to be seen what will happen to these cars. Remember that if their gray card is in the name of the driver, it can be sold at auction. A hell of a penalty considering the value of these cars …