The gendarmes faced with strange road behavior 4

After seeing the driver of this van behaving in a strange way on the A20 motorway, they went to apprehend him at his workplace.

Have you ever done weird things in your car on the freeway, just to get over boredom? Obviously, the driver of this white van has found a particularly original occupation: filmed by another motorist, he performs a sort of slalom along the A20 motorway, which is almost empty of traffic.

Watch the video of the van slaloming

It is not known who sent the video to the gendarmes, but Lot officials viewed it. By reading the license plate, they were able to trace the location of the company that owned the vehicle. They then went to the company’s website.

The driver has been found

The gendarmes explain that the driver was “checked at his place of employment”. But they don’t say if he was fined. We imagine that the latter may have been able to issue him a ticket for dangerous driving. The moral of the story anyway, is that video denunciation can put you in front of the gendarmes in your workplace.