The future Citroën C5 approaching? 4

Citroën engineers were caught testing a model that should replace the C5 sedan, and to a lesser extent the C6.

The C6 designed by Jean-Pierre Ploué and launched in 2005 is one of the benchmarks in French automobiles. Even today it exudes a certain standing from its golden age. However, there has been a gaping hole in the Citroën lineup since the C6 pulled out of production in 2012. A hole which widened further when the C5 disappeared. This new model still in preparation should fill a few holes.

Citroën presented a preview of the design with the Cxperience concept car unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in 2016. The concept was similar in size to that of the C5, but the stern was more inspired by the C6 with a receding roofline until ‘in the trunk and a large third side window. Some even said it was a modern interpretation of the Citroën CX. After all, the concept name does contain a C and an X.

A production version in development?

The production version looks almost identical to the concept. We can’t show you the photos we saw, but if you search well you will eventually find them. In fact, the camouflaged C5 seen by our British colleagues combines elements of a sedan with those of an SUV.

For the moment, it’s hard to say when this new C5 will see the light of day, but if the Chevron firm starts to test it, it should be there soon! Case to be continued.