The frequency and course of a car overhaul: models, tests, reviews and videos 4

Overhaul is one of the essential practices in keeping a car in good running condition. It is also thanks to the overhaul of his car that the driver discovers possible problems. How often should it be done and what are the checks?

What is car overhaul and why is it important?

The overhaul of a car results in checks and operations carried out to maintain a vehicle. The operations vary according to the mileage and according to the model as well as the brand. Revision is one of the best ways to maintain a car. This allowsensure the correct functioning of all elements and ensure that no equipment is faulty. This guarantees passenger safety, a top priority. Car manufacturers provide users with a maintenance booklet during purchase to inform them of the overhaul schedule. This document provides information on the checkpoints to be carried out and how to proceed.

When should the car be serviced?

There is no hard and fast rule as to the length and frequency of the review. The maintenance book provided by the manufacturer and handed over at the time of purchase indicates just the ideal time to carry out the operation. The interval between two overhauls generally depends on the make of the car and its engine. However, the 2-year deadline must not be exceeded. Overall, a gasoline vehicle must be serviced every 15,000 km wheras’a diesel does not necessarily need it before having browsed 20,000 km, even 30,000 km. Even if a car is driven very little, it is always wise to revise it every year. Also, a general overhaul is always recommended before making a long trip to ensure safe riding.

What are the checks to be made during the overhaul of the car?

The overhaul of the car must always be performed by a specialist (mechanic, mechanic, dealer…). The latter usually offers a comprehensive maintenance package so that no essential element is overlooked. Indeed, the operation must always be meticulous. The main things to check are:

• Draining of the engine;
• Levels: steering, transaxle assembly, transmission, brake fluid, coolant, windshield washer fluid;
• The air conditioning ;
• tire wear;
• Lights and bulbs;
• The electronic box.

Apart from these elements, it remains some details to be checked regularly, what can be done by the driver himself. These include the oil level, the condition of the battery, the brake discs and the oil filter. Whether at dealerships, auto centers or other specialists, the cost of an overhaul is very variable.

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