The fear of a lifetime in a McLaren 675LT on the track 4

This is what is called “experiencing the thrill” on the track in a McLaren 675 LT. But not the way you would have imagined.

The McLaren 675 LT is a particularly swift super-sports car. With its 675 horsepower twin-turbo V8 and ultralight carbon chassis, this machine stood out when it came out with its top-level performance. It is said that it even drove as fast as the McLaren P1 and its thousand horses on the circuit.

Video of the McLaren in distress

But it’s also a machine that requires a minimum of control behind the wheel to begin to really approach its limits. Otherwise, the risk of losing it is very real. Do you doubt it? Watch this video of an owner filming himself on the Ascari track behind the wheel of his 675 LT.

We are on the verge of disaster

After having already almost lost the machine while passing on the chicane of the circuit, he found himself in a perilous situation by negotiating a curve at high speed, when he came close to a huge stroke of the racket. Fortunately, things have ended well in this case!