It is the marriage of two worlds that have nothing in common: that of the automobile and Lego bricks. When a fan of the two decides to bring them together, it gives an explosive result!

Lego and the automotive world, they are two totally different worlds but which have already joined forces on more than one occasion. We remember the many kits offering to build your own Formula 1 Ferrari, with the stand and the staff that goes with it! There was also this partnership with the oil company Shell that the organization Greenpeace did not hesitate to denounce.

On the same subject

Renault 4L e-Plein Air, 3/4 front

We have already seen reconstituted cars in Lego in 1: 1 scale, notably the sculptural Bugatti Chiron. But we don’t have a real working Lego racing car. A fan has just taken a step forward by customizing the engine bay of his Opel Corsa.

An ode to brick

The result is also sympathetic that succeeded. The engine cover is replaced by a yellow brick while the battery protection gives way to a red brick! The air filter is a woman’s head connected to a bright blue hose.

It remains to be seen whether our friend also pushed the vice to customize other parts of his car in the colors of the famous toy maker. But in view of the audacity displayed by the maggot, we bet that it is surely in his plans.

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