The details on the number of horses for a young driver ?: models, tests, reviews and videos 4

A young driver is considered a risk profile by insurers. This is the reason why they can be reluctant to cover their powerful car. Age and driving experience are important factors. Focus.

Insuring a powerful car is a real investment, whether it is for the insurer or the owner. With a car that is too powerful, the risk of an accident cannot be overlooked. In addition, their pollution level is much higher. To avoid expensive repair costs, insurance companies prefer to limit the number of horses for a young driver. This is an essential precaution for the safety of the driver, the car and others.

The cost of insurance influenced by the profile of the driver, the formula taken out and the specific characteristics of the vehicle. Insuring a powerful car for a risky profile can be expensive.

What is the horse limit for a young driver?

Every insurance has its definition of a powerful car. The law does not impose any limits on this subject. In general, insurers qualify 6 HP like a powerful car, especially for an inexperienced driver. Besides the number of horsepower, the actual horsepower of the car in DIN hp is also checked. This fiscal power makes it possible to measure the performance of the engine and its CO2 emission rate.

It is difficult to find a good insurer for a young driver for a power beyond 6 CV. Indeed, insurance companies can be cautious. Note that without insurance, the car can be confiscated and the driver fined 3,750 euros.

Which car for a young driver?

For a first foray on the road, it is advisable to choose a safe car and corresponding to his experience. Here are the selection criteria to be taken into account for a young driver:

  • Limit yourself to a 6 hp car at most to be properly covered by the insurance;
  • Do not exceed an actual power of 90 hp DIN;
  • Avoid overly expensive cars, the ideal is to bet on a used vehicle of about 5 years.

How to pay for the purchase of my car?

To buy a used car, the young driver can contact a professional, an individual or go to a specialized site. At the level of the financial transaction, it is recommended to use a bank transfer or a cashier’s check. The bank transfer allows you to transfer the exact amount instantly. As for the cashier’s check, it ensures that the buyer actually has the amount indicated in his bank account. This solution is recommended for a purchase that corresponds to a fairly large sum.

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