One of the cutest city cars of all time is getting ready to make its comeback in a 100% electric version. We challenge you not to fall for her special style.

Appeared in 1953, the Isetta is one of those little Italian cars that have become cult. Admittedly, it did not have the immense commercial success of the Fiat 500. But with its tiny cabin and front-opening door, it has now established itself as a design icon. Produced under license in particular by BMW, it had managed to find its way in the garage of personalities like Elvis Presley or Gary Grant.

And this Isetta is getting ready to come back to life thanks to the company Microlino, which is currently putting the finishing touches on an all-new electric car whose styling is closely inspired by the original Isetta. The front door remains on the program, as does the ovoid silhouette and the two-seater cabin.

€ 12,000 all the same

The manufacturer has just unveiled the images of the pre-production prototype, not yet equipped with optics and its final wheels. He must now homologate the car in Europe, and the small car will be marketed there at a price of around € 12,000. Note that it can display up to 200 kilometers of autonomy on its high-end version. Its production will begin in July.