The cost of adjusting the parallelism of the car: models, tests, reviews and videos 4

The geometry of a vehicle’s wheels is important for safe driving. It is therefore crucial to have it checked regularly, as a lack of parallelism causes rapid tire wear. What are the signs to diagnose a parallelism problem?

There are signs that the car is out of alignment.

  • A irregular tire wear, in particular at the level of the tread;
  • A abnormal road holding due to loss of adhesion;
  • Off-center the steering wheel, with the vehicle that tends to pull left or right.

It is necessary to have the parallelism of the car checked after a violent impact on the wheels (pothole, pavement, etc.). On the other hand, worn suspension elements can also cause a misalignment. Apart from premature tire wear, abnormal geometry can lead to overconsumption of fuel and unpleasant driving sensations.

When to have the parallelism adjustment checked?

This operation is carried out by the manufacturer before the car is put into service. It can be included in the maintenance book. This operation is required after certain specific interventions which risk disturbing the parallelism such as the gimbal change, of tires or from rolling. It is also possible to ask the mechanic to check the parallelism during the replacement:

  • From the water pump;
  • From the distribution kit;
  • From the timing belt or alternator.

Properly adjusted parallelism saves fuel, increase tire life and to benefit from the optimal behavior of the car.

How to adjust the parallelism of a vehicle?

This operation consists first of all in checking the state of the alignment of the tires in relation to the ground. It is necessary to ensure that the steering wheel is straight in relation to the road. It is possible to check and adjust the parallelism yourself. However, certain stages of the operation require the use of specific materials such as a laser beam meter or one pre-calibrated bench. Therefore, it is recommended to leave the control to a professional.
The average cost of parallelism adjustment is included between 50 and 80 euros. Prices vary from one mechanic to another. It is recommended to compare the quotes of the nearest garage owners to take advantage of the most attractive prices. Regarding the settlement of the invoice, payment by bank transfer is appreciated for the simplicity and speed of the transaction. Payment by cashier’s check is preferred, because it is a completely secure means for both the owner of the car and the garage owner.

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