The BMW Lada that ridicules your luxury SUV 4

Admit that next to this nasty Lada-BMW, ​​your nice family SUV is sorely lacking in attitude.

We like to make fun of the Lada, but not all Lada are created equal. The Niva, this pure and hard little 4×4 whose extraordinary off-road capabilities are no joke, is almost one of the legendary vehicles in automotive history.

Lada-BMW video

So imagine one of those Lada Niva with a big modern BMW engine under the hood and a deeply modernized interior. We owe this curiosity apparently to a Russian BMW dealer who had fun preparing a Niva to make it a kind of very daring restomod.


Animated by a turbocharged BMW unit (a priori a six-cylinder in-line), the machine displays an absolutely unstoppable mouth. Thanks to a fairly extensive chassis preparation, the machine also seems relatively comfortable on the road. Of course, these large rims and low-profile tires must greatly reduce its off-road capabilities. But the approach does not leave us indifferent.