The tuning world has its detractors and its aficionados. But one thing is certain: when the modifications are done right, performance increases dramatically, especially with the McLaren 765 LT.

The McLaren 765LT is already a very fast original car. Based on the 720S platform which broke records on drag tracks, it has plenty to do even better! It is one of the few cars capable of shooting the 1/4 mile (400 meters standing start) in less than 10 seconds. McLaren indicates 9.9 s. The 4.0L biturbo V8 has been upgraded to produce 765 horsepower and 800 Nm of torque, allowing it to shoot down from 0 to 100 km / h in a near record time of 2.8 s and reach a maximum speed of 330 km / h. Yes, it’s less than the 720S (+ 11 km / h) but that’s because of the many aero parts that help it stay glued to the ground.

A group of supercar owners gathered at a drag race track in Florida and among the cars in attendance was a new McLaren 765LT. This car belonging to @Petfred has already received some modifications from M Engineering and a new IPE exhaust line. These are the only modifications made to the car. But that’s enough to give it even more power. Led by @ Gidi28, the 765LT had a run of 8.961 seconds with a top speed of 157.85 mph (254 km / h). This makes it the very first McLaren 765LT to go below the 9 second mark.

2 small changes

What’s even more impressive is that only two small changes are responsible for this noticeable improvement in performance. This means that a further engine upgrade, with new turbos for example, would easily place it among the best “bitumen swallowers”.

In comparison, the 800bhp 911 GT2 RS from Petfred with a little remapping of the mapping and a new exhaust system takes 10.1 seconds to cover the same distance. The journey of this 765LT has only just begun. It could well become even tougher in the coming months … We can’t wait to see that!