On the occasion of Automotive and Mobility Services Week, the automotive sector hopes to attract young people (and the not-so-young) to train them in jobs in need of labor.

The health crisis may have plunged new car sales by 25% in 2020, it has not affected the recruitment needs of the automotive service professions, according to professionals in the sector. This is why the CNPA (1) and Anfa (2) have decided to maintain the 6th edition of the Automobile and Mobility Services Week (SSAM), despite the pandemic context. Thus, from January 30 to February 6, more than 400 events took place throughout France, more than half of which were carried out remotely via a dedicated site (Week-services-auto.com). On the program: open days for training establishments, immersion in recruitment professions, visits (physical or virtual) of workshops and companies, online conferences, and “job dating” … Objective? Encourage vocations to train young people on apprenticeship or professionalization contracts from the start of the September school year, or even recruit older people wishing to retrain, the companies concerned have taken advantage of the event to fill vacant positions.

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Car salesmen, mechanics, bodybuilders, technical inspectors, driving instructors, tow-towers… more than ten trades were represented. Companies are looking for all profiles, men or women, whatever the level of education of each.

50,000 jobs to be filled

Operation seduction is more necessary than ever: if jobs linked to automobile production have been undermined by relocations and the pandemic, the service professions are still looking – and in need – of labor. skilled labor, and has been for several years. The shortage particularly concerns the profession of auto mechanic/technician: in 2019, 39% of the approximately 14,000 auto repairer jobs offered did not find a buyer! In bodywork and painting, nearly a quarter of the jobs are unfilled each year. In terms of unmet needs, “Then come the trades of the technical controller, mechanics/technicians of heavy goods vehicles, driving school teachers and finally towing towers”, indicates the CNPA. In total, at least 50,000 jobs are to be filled this year.

> The automotive professions in figures *

1.452 € per month. This is the median net salary of a mechanic. This profession represents a quarter of recruitments in the sector. – 62,000 young people are trained each year, half of which work-study (apprenticeship or professionalization). – 90% of holders of a professional qualification certificate (CQP) find a permanent job within six months of completing their training. – 2,500 women in training. Admittedly, the figure has doubled in five years, but only 4% of training courses are attended by women.

* Source: Anfa

1. National Council of Automotive Professions

2. National Association for Automotive Training

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