The auto submachine gun, do you know? 4

Yes, it’s the big engine of a Nissan Patrol GR that makes that strange sound in the desert.

The Saudis and Emiratis love to have fun in the dunes of their desert behind the wheel of very heavily prepared 4x4s, equipped with ultra-powerful engines and radicalized chassis to the maximum. Among these 4x4s, the Nissan Patrol / Patrol GR is also in the list of favorite models of these extreme drivers.

This gray copy is no exception. Filmed in a desert somewhere in the Middle East, the machine has a high level of preparation and a large V8 with side exhausts. And the sounds emitted by this V8 each time you lift your foot off the accelerator pedal are frightening.

A real machine gun

Have you ever heard such backfiring in a car? It is also a sound and light show, since large flames come out of the exhaust pipes on both sides of the body in addition to the noise. How many horsepower does the engine of this not completely original 4×4 produce? Mystery…