An example of an ultra-limited series of the legendary first generation Mini is looking for a new owner. But the price is particularly steep!

Who has never dreamed of driving a Mini? We are obviously talking about the first of the name, the one imagined by the brilliant Anglo-Greek engineer Alex Issigonis, who had been produced from 1959 to 2000. Throughout her existence, the subject of Her Gracious Majesty has known various variations, some of which remain mythical.

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ERA Mini Turbo: at what price?

It is not the model that we present to you here that will say the opposite. This Mini is not like the others. This is an ERA Mini Turbo, the result of marriage between two legendary names across the Channel: Mini, whose rally successes are well known, and ERA, a small manufacturer which had its heyday in the Interwar period and at the end of the Second World War. If its muscle gain is impressive, the interior is very welcoming with soft leather seats. The engine is the 1275cm3 fed by a 94hp turbo which has already proven itself in the evil MG Metro.

Only… 436 ERA Mini Turbo units were manufactured from 1989 to 1991! Which probably explains why this copy, exhibited in Hong Kong and displaying few kilometers, is offered at a stratospheric price for a machine of this size. It is indeed necessary to spend 398,000 local dollars, that is to say nearly 43,000 €, to afford it! Obviously, customs and transport costs are not included. But it is well known that when you love …

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