An Alpine capable of beating Ferrari or McLaren, really?

Alpine currently markets the A110, a relatively affordable compact and lightweight sports car competing with the Porsche 718 Cayman or the Alfa Romeo 4C. As we know, Renault’s sports brand plans to switch to 100% electric technology by the middle of the decade. There will then be no room left for models with a conventional powertrain, running on fossil fuels.

But Arseny KostrominHe rather dreams of an Alpine gasoline capable of messing with the best supercars on the market. A Frenchwoman capable of beating the best McLaren, Ferrari or Porsches, with an adapted chassis and an engine far more powerful than the small 4-cylinder turbo in the current A110. The Alpine GT4 of the designer indeed uses a six-cylinder flat six of four liters of displacement, cooled by air as in the good old days of the machines prepared by Gordini.

Virtual, forever

The idea of ​​an Alpine developing more than 500 horsepower, equipped with an ultra-light chassis and a body rich in aerodynamic downforce makes us salivate. Alas, this is a virtual fantasy that will never translate into reality. In the current context, Alpine has many other fish to fry.