That kind of driver that everyone hates 4

We have all seen this kind of driver on the road at least once in his life.

This is one of the rules of good manners that we sometimes shamefully derogate from: when arriving in a traffic jam to take an exit, for example on the motorway, wait until the last moment to enter the congested line. does not (and can even be punished by the police).

The mere sight of a motorist trying to avoid the traffic jam by passing in front of others can quickly get on your nerves. And the video below shows precisely this kind of annoying behavior, but here motorists do not hesitate to take a small risk with their cars.

Over the central reservation

The scene shows a heavy traffic jam, filmed along an expressway in Florida, USA. On the opposite lane, the driver of a sedan decides to go straight to the central reservation to pass in front of everyone. He is followed by a second conductor, who will also give ideas to others. Note the presence of a large sidewalk and fairly rough terrain, which does not stop these drivers determined to save time at all costs.