Succeed in your niche in 4 steps: models, tests, reviews and videos 4

The niche scares both seasoned drivers and apprentices alike. With the stress is added the fear of being “trapped” in a dead end by scuffing the car next to it. However, with a good technique, realizing a niche is a possible mission! In the following lines, the tips to succeed in your niche.

Step 1: Find the perfect location

The first question to ask yourself to make a niche is to know where to make it. The parking space must be chosen with care. It must be large so that it can niche without hitting the other cars around. After this step, it is necessary toidentify the space available to the motorist, for example the height of the sidewalk, so as not to hit it. He must also ensure that the space between his car and the car next to it is at least 3 car mirrors.
Once the location has been determined, the driver must put on your blinker. This signal informs the other vehicles that it is about to make a niche. The motorist is forced to stay alert to secure his niche. Among other things, he must keep an eye on blind spots, traffic and the rear window.
The vehicle must now position itself parallel to the car located on the front of the location, at the height of the latter’s mirror.

Step 2: Reverse while steering

The driver should start backing up in a straight line until they can see the rear of the parked car in front of them. He must steer the wheels by engaging reverse gear according to a 45 ° angle.

Step 3: Counter-steer the car

When the wheels of the car are put back in the right way, it is time to counter-steer by moving back gently, and stopping 30 cm from the sidewalk. Because of this, the wheels of the car will be centered in parallel. This step is crucial, because if it is missed, the car in front or the sidewalk may be hit.

Step 4: Finalize the niche

Once the car is positioned in its location, the driver must ensure that he is parallel with the car in front and the car behind. The ideal is to leave these two vehicles the same sufficient space to facilitate their removal from the location. Finally, the driver must keep a good distance away from traffic at the risk of obstructing it.

Some tips to perfect a niche

Here are some helpful tips for niche success:

• Cars traveling on the road always have right of way. Therefore, if a car asks to pass, the driver is obliged to let it pass.
• To avoid being caught off guard, it is recommended that you practice slotting in a safe place, large and uncrowded. Using landmarks such as construction cones to guide the operator is effective training.
• It is imperative that the driver does not allow himself to be distracted, especially if other motorists disrupt his concentration by honking his horn.
• If one of the maneuvers necessary for a good niche is a failure, do not hesitate to start over from the beginning.
• Be careful not to park in front of a car exit, a fire hydrant or on a pedestrian crossing.
• It is preferable for a young driver to be assisted during the maneuver.
• During the various stages of the window, the motorist must always keep an eye on the traffic.

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