The Stellantis group marks a halt to Peugeot’s return to the American market, and will focus on its brands already present in North America

According to information relayed by Automotive News, who quotes a representative of Stellantis, the new automotive group terminated projects aiming to reintroduce the brand Peugeot in the American market.

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And yet, 30 years after its withdrawal from the United States in the early 1990s, Peugeot had brought to Uncle Sam’s land several vehicles from its range, including the latest generation Peugeot 508, with the aim of measuring the reception of the public for these new models, and work on their homologation. At the same time, the mobility and short-term rental service Free2Move was launched in the USA, while the Lion brand was already considering its distribution strategy.

The French group had created for this purpose an American subsidiary, called PSA North America, as part of the plan “Push to Pass” by Carlos Tavares, who wanted reduce PSA’s dependence on the European market. The boss of this American branch, Larry Dominique, has just been appointed Director of Alfa Romeo North America, which confirms that Stellantis now wants concentrate your efforts on the already established group brands in this market, and that a return of Peugeot in the United States is no longer relevant.

Since the merger of PSA and FCA at the start of the year, the global portfolio of brands of the new Stellantis group has become more balanced, with several firms already well established in the United States, such as Alfa Romeo, Jeep, RAM, Chrysler or again Dodge.

Source: Automotive News

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