After a very long period of increase, the average selling prices of the various fuels distributed in France are falling again, but for how long?

Diesel below 1.40 euros per liter

The Ministry of Ecological and Inclusive Transition has just published the latest national average selling prices for different fuels (excluding Corsica), and after several weeks of rising, they start falling again. But for how long ? Because remember, at the beginning of the year, following a small period of calm, prices started to rise again.

Thus, as of March 26, 2021, the average selling price of diesel is 1.3779 euros compared to 1.3930 euros, the previous week. Despite everything, the average selling price of diesel has been steadily increasing since November last year (1.1968 euros on November 6, 2020). However, it is still well below that practiced in early 2020 which was 1.4841 euros.

Slight drop for gasoline

The average selling price of the Super SP95-E10 also drops very slightly, but it is still very far from the prices encountered in early 2020 (1.5186 euros at the beginning of January 2020). So, the average selling price per liter is now 1.4921 euros, on March 26, 2021, against 1.5010 euros a week earlier.

Finally, concerning the Super SP95 and the Super SP98, still over the same period, again, the prices are down slightly. The first is thus offered at the average selling price of 1.5124 euros (1.5217 euros on March 19, 2021), against 1.5745 euros for the second (1.5812 euros on March 19, 2021).

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