Should we make a report after an accident with an airplane? 4

Explaining to your insurer that you have just had an accident with an airplane while driving your car, that must be a little tricky all the same.

Sometimes funny things happen on the road. Just look at the many videos that adorn online platforms on the internet to be convinced. This is not the first time, for example, that we have talked about an accident on the road between a car and a plane. Only a few weeks ago, we told you about this story of a plane crashing down on an American highway.

And here is another recorded case of a plane landing on the road, this time on a highway near Livermore in California in the United States.

A surreal video

Filmed by a motorist, the video shows a plane hitting a car after an emergency landing. Fortunately, there were no serious injuries, but one wonders how the insurers will manage such a disaster. The observation will probably be quite funny to complete …