It is an unprecedented experience for a racing circuit, sheep have moved to the Paul Ricard circuit. The goal is to naturally clean green spaces.

Sheep on a racetrack? This is not a joke but the reality. As part of an innovative experiment, the Paul Ricard circuit welcomes sheep to maintain its green spaces. This is called eco-grazing. This technique allows to reduce the carbon footprint but also to avoid the “ arduous work in certain hard-to-reach areas ยป(Below the hillocks or under the stands which usually welcome the public).

A shepherd will come to the site once or twice a day to give water to the sheep. Once their mission has been completed, the sheep will leave the circuit on April 5 to reach the mountains of Grenoble.

A circuit that calls itself “green”

For 10 years, the Castellet circuit has been carrying out ecological actions such as sorting and recycling waste but also reuse of rainwater for watering. One more action that could well interest other circuits in France.

As a reminder, the Paul Ricard circuit, also called the Castellet circuit, is located in the Var. It has a track of 5,810 km with the famous straight line of the Mistral of 1,800 meters. Since 2018, Formula 1 has also returned to the Paul Ricard circuit, with reigning F1 champion Lewis Hamilton as the big winner over the past two years.