Road fatalities fell by 20% in February 2021, notably due to the curfew. Last month, 175 people lost their lives on the roads of mainland France.

The numbers for road safety have fallen. In February, according to estimates from the National Interministerial Road Safety Observatory (ONISR), 175 people lost their lives on the roads of mainland France. It is 45 fewer killed than in February 2020, which represents a 20% drop.

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It is also a historically low record for a month of February. The previous benchmark mark for a second month of the year was 204 deaths, this was in February 2012 and February 2017.

Curfews and teleworking partly explain this decrease

“The changes in terms of travel (curfew) and the reduction of home-work trips (telework) largely explain a lower road accident,” announces the ONISR.

“The restrictions linked to the health crisis have an impact in particular on mobility presenting particular risks. Social life after work or even pedestrian movements after dark are thus strongly affected by the introduction of a curfew. at 6 pm It is therefore estimated that 2/3 of the decrease in mortality is due to the introduction of the curfew and 1/3 to the reduction in journeys during the day. ”, specifies the organization.

In January, the same conditions had produced the same effects : road fatalities had fallen 35.2%.

Among the various road users, 96 motorists were killed in February 2021 against 116 in February 2020 (-17%). 23 pedestrians were also killed, 15 fewer than in February 2020, while 32 motorcyclists were killed last month, up from 40 in 2020.

Fewer accidents and fewer injuries

The other indicators for February are also down. The number of bodily accidents recorded by the police stood at 3,158, against 4,046 in February 2020, or 22% fewer bodily accidents. The number of injured fell from 4,996 in February 2020 to 3,856 in February 2021, or 23% fewer injured.

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