The large luxury sedan is now even quieter …

This 1961 Bentley Continental Flying Spur is at the crossroads of two trends: restomod and retrofit. As for a restomod, the Bentley was completely restored and modernized, with updates to the suspensions, brakes, and interior. And like a retrofit, its notnew heart is electric !

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Lunaz Design, a company specializing in these conversions for vintage vehicles, is at the origin of this project. The British workshop has already electrified a 1961 Rolls-Royce Phantom, an old Range Rover, and a Jaguar XK120. All with engines and battery packs developed in-house, offering autonomy “equivalent to that of a new electric car of today”. According to our British Coach colleagues, the Bentley would be equipped with an 80 kWh battery for a range “greater than 400 km”, and a 375 hp engine.

Air conditioning, a central screen, and power steering

Inside, we discover some concessions to modernity : a central screen which integrates Apple Car Play, the air conditioner, but also the power steering. And luckily, because when stationary, the weight of the Bentley plus that of the batteries would probably have required Hulk-style biceps to maneuver …

A great opportunity to enjoy the luxury and style of this Bentley in total silence, without fear of technical glitch, and without rejecting programs. Two problems remain: first the price, fixed at “from £ 350,000”, i.e. a launch price over € 400,000.

The other concern is more subjective: should we modify these old ones to make them electric? The debate between purists and amateurs retrofitting is still raging. Everyone has their own opinion on the matter, even if we have to admit that the work carried out by Lunaz Design seems of an irreproachable quality.

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