Renault’s electric star is now only available for full purchase, batteries included.

“Warning: batteries not included” is a phrase we used to read on the back of certain toys … And the Renault Zoe, if you decide to buy it while renting its batteries. But since this year, this is no longer possible: on the online configurators, only “full purchase”, therefore with the batteries included, is available. As a reminder, the rental of the battery was billed between 44 and 124 € per month, depending on the mileage traveled.

This original financing method had been put in place by Renault from the launch of the Zoe in 2013. The manufacturer, who relied on an affordable city car to launch its electric offer, was then careful not to frighten the first customers tempted by technology with high prices for batteries. A solution that also reassured motorists in the long term: in the event of deterioration in battery performance, it is replaced free of charge by Renault.

An offer now less necessary

So why abandon this concept? Two main reasons. On the one hand, according to our colleagues from Automobile Magazine98% of the Zoe’s sales are in fact long-term rentals (LOA or LLD), generally for a period of 3 years. The issue of the purchase price is therefore no longer really a brake, nor that of the degradation of the batteries, since maintenance plans are generally offered in this type of contract.

On the other hand, in almost 8 years of marketing, Renault has noticed that the degradation of battery performance is in fact a rather minor problem: again according to Automobile Magazine, the first Zoes still keep around 95% of their battery life. the capacity of their batteries. Nothing to replace them therefore, especially on rental contracts that last only 37 months.

Logical, therefore, to end this offer. Especially since the sales figures of the Zoe do not lie: the city car is still well established in the Top 10 sales in France, with more than 37,000 cars sold in 2020. Far, very far from its electric competitors. All the more reason to abandon an offer which mainly served to reassure shy buyers.