The shortage of electronic components continues to affect the automobile industry, and Renault must close its Sandouville plant for a few days.

In addition to the Covid-related crisis, the automotive industry has been experiencing another difficulty in recent weeks: a shortage of electronic chips. These components, made in Asia, are in very high demand around the world, while production cannot keep up. The automotive industry, with its low margins and therefore reduced purchasing budgets, is not a priority compared to that of smartphones and computers. Hence a global shortage, which forces many manufacturers to reduce their production rates, while demand rebounds.

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Two days of closure, minimum

This is also the case for Renault, which will close its plant in Sandouville, near Le Havre, for at least two days. On February 8 and 9, the chains will be stopped, while an additional Saturday, scheduled for February 13, will ultimately not take place. And according to the unions, this technical unemployment could well continue, while the chip crisis is not yet over.

The Sandouville plant produces Trafic in particular and other group vans based on this same platform. The closure falls particularly badly since the demand for the utility is very strong after a restyling unveiled last November. A request that the factory badly needed, after the closures linked to the Covid.

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