Renault has unveiled the Taliant, a new small notchback sedan … which will never be offered in France since it is intended for so-called “emerging” markets.

Trunk sedans are not dead! If in France this type of bodywork is no longer really popular, elsewhere it still manages to attract customers. This is particularly the case in so-called “emerging” markets.

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Renault therefore logically exploits the vein and unveils the Taliant in Turkey. The latter comes to replace the Symbol, a sort of Dacia Logan notchback decked out in the diamond that was until now sold in some international markets.

A real personality

And little surprise, unlike the Symbol, this new Taliant not content with just being a rebadged Logan. She has her own personality.

Based on the CMF-B platform already used for the new Logan (and the Clio V in particular), the Taliant sports specific taillights and displays the look of the latest Renault models, notably with a light signature in the shape of a “C”.

What about the interior and the engines?

The interior has not yet been revealed to him but should however be modeled on that of the Sandero and Logan 3. We also do not know what will be the engines that will animate the beast but it is still a safe bet that the diamond mark will rely, among other things, on its 3-cylinder 1.0 TCe petrol.

The Taliant will never see France

The Renault Taliant must be marketed in Turkey in mid-2021. It will then be launched in other markets, notably in Asia and Latin America, but will never arrive in France.

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