Like Peugeot, Renault has changed its logo … But no announcement has been made!

Yes, Renault does have a new logo! And you have probably already seen it: it was affixed to the concept of the future electric Renault 5, during the major Renaulution conference. Without anyone taking offense at the time: normal to see a more stylized logo on a concept car, which is not yet quite close to the series. No one imagined then that this logo was in fact directly the next face of the brand, so close to the horizon.

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It must be said that Renault did things in a very curious discretion. Where Peugeot announces its new lion crest in a large conference, takes the opportunity to bombard us with keywords, and announces “a new identity for the brand”, Renault has quite simply changed its logo in its last advertising campaign. Without announcement, without even a short message to report it.

Retro inspiration and minimalism

This ad features a Renault Zoe in a city chase. And the logo of the electric city car has not changed, the new coat of arms only appearing at the end of the spot. Since then, the profile photos of the brand’s social networks have also adopted the new diamond.

The latter is directly inspired by the graphic style drawn by the artist Vasarely in 1972, but in a simplified version. Renault seems determined to ride the neo-retro wave! With only two strokes, it has become in passing minimalist, and above all “flattened”: it is fashion in design, which allows it to be transcribed in many environments and on many media (bodywork, websites, illuminated logo, etc. .) without having to deform it. Finally a bit the opposite of Peugeot’s new Lion, which becomes more complex.

It remains to be seen which car will adopt this new diamond first: it could well be the next Mégane eVision, an electric crossover that shares a technical base with the Nissan Ariya.

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