Announced by the eponymous concept car, the electric Renault 5 will not be available in a convertible version. That didn’t stop a designer from imagining it.

During the presentation of its new strategic plan called “Renaulution”, a mixture of Renault and revolution, the diamond brand surprised by presenting a concept car announcing a new generation of Renault 5, who will be 100% electric and which will eventually replace the Renault Zoe.

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Electric Renault 5: a 3-door convertible version imagined

This future Renault 5 neo-retro Already inspires many fans of the brand around the world, who imagine it already declined in Turbo version or even badged Alpine. If there is little chance that a discoverable declination The Hungarian car designer X-Tomi, who is used to the exercise, still imagined a Renault 5 Cabriolet.

For the occasion, it loses its rear doors, and therefore sports a more sporty three-door silhouette. The roof leaves its place to a more inclined windshield as well as roll bars at the rear. The red border, which originates at the base of the mirrors and emphasizes the windshield pillars, is retained.

Unlike the Clio manufactured in Turkey and Slovenia, the future 100% electric Renault 5 will be manufactured in France, in the Renault factory in Douai in the North (59). No release date has yet been officially announced, but it should arrive on our roads before 2025.

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