As of Saturday April 3, 2021, the reinforced measures will be extended to all metropolitan departments, for one month. Let’s take stock of the government’s new announcements.

This Wednesday, March 31, President Emmanuel Macron, who refuses to use the term “confinement”, announced an extension of reinforced measures already in force at the entire territory of metropolitan France. These new measures will come into effect from the evening of this Saturday April 3, and will last for at least four weeks, until 1er may.

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Reconfinement: closed schools, and shops too

If nothing new has been specified concerning the businesses, which must remain closed with the exception of shops selling essential goods and services, all schools (nurseries, schools, colleges and high schools) will be closed for three weeks, and the school calendar will be adapted: from April 5, students will have a week of lessons at home, then during the following two weeks, the whole of France will be placed on spring vacation, which will last from April 12 to 25.

The start of the school year on April 26 will take place physically for nursery and primary, and remotely for middle and high schools, which will return to class on May 3. Students will be able to go to the university for one day of classes per week.

Reconfinement: the curfew is maintained, and teleworking must be systematized

The curfew, which has passed since Saturday March 20 at 19 ‘o clock, is maintained throughout the territory, while teleworking, “Which is undoubtedly the most effective measure” according to the President of the Republic, will be systematized.

If the situation allows, Emmanuel Macron hopes by mid-May, to be able to gradually begin to reopen the country, places of culture, shops, restaurants and cafes.

Reconfinement: where can we go?

Travel will always be supervised, with reinforced controls, but it will always be possible to leaving home, without any time limit but within a radius of 10 km, whether for work, walking, playing sports or running. The travel between regions is prohibited, except for compelling or professional reasons.

Regarding the exodus movements observed everywhere in France, President Macron wants to be reassuring: “Citizens who wish to change region to isolate themselves will be able to do so for this Easter weekend”.

Reconfinement: update on certificates

The derogatory certificates will still be in force, and the rules are just as complex … There are still several levels: during the day (from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.) first of all, it is no longer necessary to provide proof of travel up to a radius of 10 km around the home. A simple proof of address then allows you to attest to your place of residence.

Beyond 10 km and up to a radius of 30 km, a certificate remains necessary, to make essential purchases for example. And beyond 30 km, travel is no longer authorized unless you enter as part of one of the derogatory grounds present on the travel certificate, such as the compelling family reason for example.

The night (from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m.), curfew is still in effect and it is no longer possible to leave your home. As for trips over 30 km during the day, you can always travel at night with a certificate, if you can tick one of the overriding reasons, such as a business trip for example.

In order not to risk a heavy penalty, these certificates can be drawn up under digital or paper format, to find on government site.

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