Thanks to a third confinement which does not bear his name, travel more than 10 km from home is now prohibited throughout the territory, except for compelling reasons.

The sentence fell. Faced with the rapid spread of the Covid-19 epidemic in France, the government has decided to put in place a new and third containment.

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Reconfinement: what are the new announcements for March 31, 2021?

As of Saturday April 3 and for a period of at least four weeks, the reinforced measures already in force for a few weeks in 19 departments are therefore extended to the entire national territory.

Nurseries, schools, colleges and high schools are closing their doors

Concretely, this means that businesses deemed non-essential will have to close, unlike shops selling basic goods and services, which will remain open.

In parallel, nurseries, schools, colleges and high schools will be closed for three to four weeks from April 5 and the school calendar will be adapted. The students will first have a week of lessons at home, then the following two weeks will be dedicated to spring break, which will be the same throughout the country and will therefore last from April 12 to 25. The start of the school year is set for April 26., in physics for schools and in distance for middle and high schools, which will not resume face-to-face until May 3.

At the same time, teleworking must be systematized.

Reconfinement: what trips are authorized during the day?

Finally, regarding travel, it will be driving during the day (from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.) more than 10 km from home (in this department a simple proof of address will prevail) or to go to another region, except compelling reasons.

The list of compelling reasons

Here is the list of compelling reasons for travel without distance limitation :

  • Professional activity and purchasing, education and training, general interest mission
  • Health (Consultations and medical care)
  • Family reason, for assistance to vulnerable or precarious people and childcare
  • Disability situation
  • Judicial or administrative summons
  • Transit and long distance trips
  • Move
  • Transit movement to stations and airports

For each of these cases, it will be necessary to fill out an exceptional travel certificate. This can be established under digital or paper format, and is to be found on the government website.

It will also be possible to move more than 10 km from home but staying within the department of residence for :

  • Make essential purchases or order withdrawals
  • Accompany your children to school
  • Go to a cultural establishment or place of worship
  • Carry out administrative or legal procedures

Here again, it will first be necessary to complete the famous exceptional travel certificate.

Curfew maintained at 7 p.m.

The curfew remains fixed at 19 ‘o clock. It is therefore impossible to make a trip between 7:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m., except for compelling reasons or to take out his pet within a maximum radius of one kilometer around his home.

As a reminder, failure to comply with confinement and traffic restrictions can expose you to a fine of € 3,750 and a 6-month prison sentence (find out all the penalties).

Fortunately exceptional tolerance is however allowed for the Easter weekend, in order to give the French the possibility to organize themselves. From Saturday April 3 until Monday April 5, you will be able to circulate freely and without certificate, provided you always respect the curfew. Then we close!

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