Rear drum of a vehicle: how to remove it?: Models, tests, reviews and videos 4

Although most vehicles have four disc brakes, many cars on the road still have rear drum brakes. This braking device is essential for the safety of the driver. It is therefore important to replace it when necessary.

The drum brake is a braking system, of which many vehicles are still equipped. It consists of a drum which is located at the rear of the car, and inside which are jaws fitted with pads. Under the force of brake fluid, these jaws move apart thanks to pistons or cams. This action generates friction in the drum, and therefore makes it possible to brake or slow down the car. Therefore, if this system does not work properly, the car will have difficulty braking or simply stopping.

Besides, it is good to know that when the drum brake is too strong, it can easily cause wheel locks, constituting a danger to the stability of the car. For this reason, vehicles, particularly those with two wheels, are now equipped with disc brakes.

When to change your drum brakes?

In order to avoid any risk, the motorist must check the rear drum of his vehicle. every 30,000 km and dust it off after 60,000 km. However, it should be considered to replace it when it has reached its limit. maximum service life between 80,000 and 140,000 km. On this point, a few indicators show the wear of the rear brakes, namely:

● Jolts are felt with each braking;
● Squealing noises, cavernous or squealing braking sounds are heard;
● The hand brake has excessive play;
● The lining is too worn;
● The drum becomes oval;
● The return springs are faulty;
● The brake linings stick to the wheel cylinder.

How to choose ?

If signs of wear have been noted, it is worth looking for new rear drums to replace the old ones. In addition, it is important to buy a quality kit so that the new device can guarantee the safety of the car and the driver.

To do this, the owner must first of all check the reference of the brake kit, directly on his vehicle. Once this is done, it is possible to go to specialized stores or to compare brands on sites, which may offer interesting promotions. In order not to make any mistakes, it is recommended to check the dimensions of the vehicle’s brake shoes as well as the shape of the wheel cylinder. The budget to be expected depends on the vehicle, however, it can range from 100 to 300 euros or even more.

How to remove a rear drum?

When the brake drum is damaged, the friction caused by the pressure of the brake pedal becomes ineffective and irregular. In addition, in order to replace it, it must first be removed. The operation is simple and takes just half an hour for an ordinary vehicle. Here are the different steps to follow to do this:

1. Park the car on a level surface to prevent the jack from tipping over or moving;
2. Loosen the wheel nuts using a wheel wrench;
3. Lift the vehicle using a jack;
4. Remove the wheel by pulling it out of its housing;
5. Loosen the brake linings by unscrewing the drum adjustment screw;
6. Disassemble the brake drum, removing the screws that secure it to the wheel.

Once the drum has been removed, it can be replaced or dusted off the linings.

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