Range Rover rapper gets corrected by Mercedes-AMG 4

This French rapper thought he could easily beat a Mercedes-AMG 4×4 in his Range Rover Sport SVR, but it failed.

Ninho is, according to his Wikipedia page, a 24-year-old French songwriter known for his rap songs. While traveling to Dubai a few days ago, he posted a video on his Snapchat account showing him installed in what strongly resembles a Land Rover Range Rover Sport SVR.

He is then seen addressing the driver of a white Mercedes-AMG GLE 63, driven by an Emirati, at the red light on an avenue in Dubai. In an English to say the least approximate, he proposes to him to make a small race in a straight line as soon as the green light appears.

Widely beaten

But when he had just “beaten a Mercedes-AMG GT”, Ninho was surprised to see his rival’s white SUV leave the Land Rover behind. “We had not put the sport mode,” he exclaims then, before mocking the taxi cars around him. Ah, this famous sport mode which would add magic horses in a straight line according to the beliefs of some …