Proof that the new Volkswagen Golf R is more powerful than advertised 4

This time, we are sure: the new eighth-generation Volkswagen Golf R produces more than the 320 hp advertised on the technical sheet.

The new Volkswagen Golf R has, like its predecessor, a 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder and all-wheel drive. While the seventh generation grind was content with 310 horsepower, the eighth climbs to 320 horsepower (10 horsepower more than an Audi S3).

But as you may have seen, this new Golf R beats the Mercedes-AMG A35 (306 hp), BMW M135i (306 hp) and other Audi S3 (310 hp) very easily in a straight standing start race. It can even closely follow a Mercedes-AMG A45 S (421 hp) on the same exercise!

340 horsepower

And here is the explanation, thanks to the team of Archie Hamilton Racing who decided to run the car on the dynamometer to measure its real power. Result? About 340 horses instead of the 320 advertised. But even with that number, the Golf R’s performance is impressive.