prices go up for a good cause 4

If since January 6 you have noticed an increase in the price of your daily ride, that’s normal! Uber has increased its prices by a few cents for the benefit of the environment.

Gradually switch to electric vehicles, this is Uber’s goal. The famous VTC company has increased its prices by a few cents to protect the environment. The American firm has just taken a very nice resolution for 2021. In addition, this should not change much for Uber users. This increase is very slight, we are talking about an increase of 0.03 euro cent per kilometer only.

Uber justified this increase in a press release: “ This means, for example, an increase of 0.15 euro cent on a 5 km journey, such as the 9th arrondissement of Paris – Gare de Lyon or even 0.75 euro cent more on a 25 km journey , type Marseille center – Marseille airport “. This change in price list applies to all offers: UberX, Sedan, Comfort, Van and Pool if the service resumes. Only Uber Green users will not be affected by this increase.

50% electric vehicles by 2025

Uber gradually wants to go green. Thanks to this price increase, a driver who works around 42 hours a week can expect to receive assistance of around 4,500 euros after three years. The idea is that he replaces his thermal vehicle for an electric one.

According to the American firm: ” 6 in 10 French people say they are ready to pay a more expensive product or service to act in favor of the environment “. No source for this study was however specified by Uber.