Price of towing a car in the event of a breakdown: models, reviews, reviews and videos 4

In the event of a serious breakdown or accident resulting in the immobilization of the vehicle, it is necessary to call in a repair professional. Zoom on the different criteria to be taken into account to define the cost of the service.

Who to call to do tow a car ? Several possibilities are available to the motorist depending on where his car is immobilized. If he breaks down not far from his home, he can call a neighbor or a friend to tow his vehicle. If necessary, it is recommended to contact your usual garage or the nearest repairer.

If the vehicle is immobilized on a fast track, it is advisable to contact your insurer in the event that the accident was caused by a third party. The insurance company takes care ofdirect the driver to an authorized repairer. Was he partly responsible for the accident? It is preferable to use the services of a repair professional authorized by the motorway companies. The latter is able to intervene on the expressway.

The car is stuck on the highway ? The emergency stations put in place allow you to contact the nearest repair company. It is worth noting that modern vehicles are usually equipped with a eCall. It is an on-board emergency call device that can be triggered manually or automatically.

What about the price of towing?

The rates applied vary from one repair professional to another. They depend on several criteria:

  • The type of road on which the car is immobilized (motorway, expressway, road, etc.);
  • Climatic conditions ;
  • The duration and the time slot of the intervention (an increase of approximately 40% is to be expected for an operation that takes place at night, on weekends and on a public holiday);
  • The distance to travel.

The price of towing a vehicle is between 90 euros (distance less than 10 km) and 300 euros (distance up to 50 km). For an intervention on a motorway or on an expressway, the prices are fixed by ministerial decree.

Who has to pay the towing costs?

In the event of an accident caused by a third party, the expenses are covered by the insurance company, but under certain conditions of distance. It is the same if the owner has taken out an insurance contract that covers the cost of auto breakdown assistance. In the event of a breakdown resulting in the immobilization of the car at a distance greater than 50 km from home, the expenses paid by the driver are not reimbursed. To settle the invoice, it is recommended to opt for payment by bank transfer, which is faster, or by cashier’s check, which is more secure.

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