Price of a gimbal boot: models, tests, reviews and videos 4

Cardan boots are one of the essential components that contribute to the proper functioning of the vehicle’s propeller shaft. How do you know if they are out of service and what budget to replace them? Explanations!

The role of the gimbal bellows

Made of flexible plastic and taking the shape of an accordion, this component, also known as the transmission bellows, is designed to retain fat. He ensures good lubrication of the cardan joint and certain mechanical elements located between the engine and the wheels. The gimbal boot also has the function of protect the gimbal on which it is fixed from external aggressions. It prevents stones, fine sand and other impurities from coming into contact with the constant velocity joints of the transmission. A car is usually equipped with 4 gimbals, including 1 on the side of each front wheel and 2 at the gearbox.

Symptoms of an HS gimbal boot

It is necessary to know the signs indicating that the universal joint boot is no longer able to perform its functions:

– The rubber membrane loses its elasticity;
– Tears or cracks are visible on the surface of the universal joint boot;
– Mechanical play is felt at the constant velocity joint;
– Clicking noises are heard when turning the steering wheel;
– Drops of grease appear on the inner side of the car wheel and on the bellows itself.

In the event that any of these symptoms appear, it is necessary to replace the universal joint boot as soon as possible. It is good to note that these components must be changed every 100,000 to 150,000 km even if no signs of wear are detected. It is right to check their condition at each revision.

The price of a gimbal boot

The cost of this component varies from vendor to vendor, and depending on the make and model of the car. To purchase a universal universal joint boot, go to a specialized store or to an online sales site dedicated to auto parts. The price is between 20 and 50 euros. It is recommended to entrust the replacement to a mechanic, because it requires advanced mechanical knowledge and specific extraction tools. The cost of labor varies from 40 to 100 euros. To pay the garage mechanic’s invoice, you have to choose between payment by bank transfer or by check, to be validated by the bank beforehand.

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