The regulations on the use of disabled parking spaces are very strict, but they could soon be relaxed to allow pregnant women to park there.

Frédérique Meunier, MP for Les Républicains de Corrèze, tabled a Law proposition aimed at making life easier for pregnant women, by giving them the right to have a parking card until then reserved for people with disabilities. This bill was signed by 26 deputies in total.

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According to the text, the mobility inclusion parking card (CMI) would be allocated to pregnant women by making the request. from the sixth month of pregnancy, and until its term.

To do this, the future mother will have to go to the prefecture, with a declaration on her honor as well as a medical certificate, where she will be given the coveted sesame, with a maximum validity of three months. On the other hand, pregnant women using disabled places will not be not exempt from paying their parking, unlike people with reduced mobility.

The member for Corrèze goes even further, by asking town halls as well as shopping centers, so that parking spaces reserved for pregnant women be created in order to facilitate their mobility in their daily lives. Similar initiatives have emerged in Villennes-sur-Seine, in the Yvelines, as well as in Toulouse, where squares painted in pink and accompanied by a sign “Priority to pregnant women” have appeared.

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