There are several methods and several interlocutors, depending on the situation. Follow the leader !

Potholes are a scourge that is not going to go away. And in early spring, they bloom on our roads! The good news is that you can participate and help make them fill, by reporting them effectively and to the right person. Once a particularly severe candidate has been selected, park safely, and follow the guide!

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Who to report it to?

Depending on the network you are riding on, your interlocutor will be different. In built-up areas, on municipal roads, you will need contact the town hall, which takes care of the maintenance of this network. Before calling or sending an email, remember to locate the pothole as precisely as possible: street, number, intersection, or even photos or GPS position!

On a departmental, it is logical, you will have to contact the department. The departmental council sites all have a “contact us” section. From here you can send them an email, or reach them by phone.

If you encounter a pothole on a national or un-licensed motorway, the body concerned is the Interdepartmental Roads Directorate (DIR). Each region has one, like the DiRIF in Île-de-France. In your search engine, type DIR and the name of your region, to find the contact information. Finally, on a toll motorway, you will need to contact directly private company who is the manager.

Association platforms

Some associations arise in intermediaries between you and the bodies concerned. Practical, they transmit the necessary information to the interlocutors, and can collect more reports to have more weight. is a specialized site set up by the French Federation of Angry Bikers (FFMC). Convenient, you just need to authorize geolocation and send a photo for a quick and precise report.

More general, “It hurts my way“is a reporting platform designed by 40 million motorists. It allows you to describe a problem on the road (including potholes, therefore), to indicate its position, and to send a photo.

For what result?

Despite all these reports, the authorities are not required to act. But they are found liable in the event of an accident, and must therefore pay compensation. Often sufficient motivation for work to take place if the damage is significant.

If you are the victim of an accident related to a lack of road maintenance, no need to report it using the methods mentioned above: simply report it to your insurer, who will take care of obtaining repairs from of the responsible State or company. Think, however, of bringing together maximum evidence : everything is good to demonstrate that the accident was indeed caused by a lack of maintenance of the roads.

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