Korean artist Sanago built a radio controlled model of the Porsche Taycan using a fascinating tool.

What if your designs could come to life in three dimensions? It is now possible, with a 3D pen. Halfway between the classic pen and 3D printing, this tool allows you to draw lines with plastic filament that dries instantly. Result: with a little patience (and a hell of a brush stroke), you can “draw” any object in volume!

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Porsche Taycan (2021): a new and fourth entry-level rear-wheel drive version

This is what does Korean artist Sanago on his Youtube channel. And this creation is particularly close to his heart, since it is about his favorite car : the Porsche Taycan.

Hours of work, but a tailor-made result!

After having copied technical drawings to create the base of the model, he applied to restore the many curves of the Taycan with his pen. Then, using a soldering iron, he smooths the bodywork, and paints it, before adding many details which bring their touch of realism: LED lights, windshields, mirrors, license plates, etc.

Cherry on the cake: it can then slide a radio controlled car chassis in its model! After hours of meticulous work, he therefore finds himself with his dream car, but on a scale of 1:10. Discover the realization of this Taycan in 3D pen, on video :

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